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HEX Shank ORIGINAL RIVNUT® to Replace Weld Nut Applications

Consider using the full HEX Shank ORIGINAL RIVNUT® to replace weld nut applications.

There are numerous advantages to using a hex shank Rivnut to replace

A weld nut application. Using weld nuts requires initial high capital investment, energy demands, and has potential environmental issues. The Rivnut can be installed from one side of your workplace, not requiring backside access.

The Hex Rivnut shank mating with a hex hole provides very high torque out values. In various tests performed using Class 10.9/Grade 8 bolts with the intent of failing, the following torque out values were achieved before the Rivnut bulb failed:


M6 41NM

M8 84NM

M10 100NM

M12 220NM

The Rivnut can be installed in various material thickness and in as minimal as .5mm.

Rivnuts can be installed in pre-finished or painted surfaces with a simple hand held power installation tool, which also lends to its portability. Weld nuts require thread masking if surface requires any after install painting or finish.

Hex Rivnuts are also available with a low profile head giving a near flush

installation. Rivnuts are also available with a closed end and if a tight seal is required, a full head with sealant under the head will provide an additional barrier against any moisture or fluid.

Perlane Sales offers a wide variety of the original full hex shank Rivnuts. In unified 1024 through ½-13 and metric M4-M16. Stainless Steel and special finishes for steel parts are available. Each customers application can be evaluated for a custom fit

and torque level to meet their satisfaction.

A sales engineer can assist in preparing the individual test data in customer material to verify the torque performance versus a weld nut.

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