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How to Provide a Strong Joint in Composite Material Using RIVNUT-ORIGINAL PLUSNUTS® and BOLLHOFF SFC

Over the years a nut plate has been the primary product to provide a strong threaded joint in SMC materials. Today there are options.

Lets look at the Plusnut®. The Plusnut® is available in Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum. The Plusnut® offers a broad grip range allowing one fastener to be installed in varying thicknesses. For example, a ¼-20, 5/16-18, and 3/8-16 Plusnut® can be installed in material ranging from .020-.280 (.5-7.10mm). The large foot print on the back side of material offers superior pull out resistance. The expansion in material is minimal due to slots on Plusnut® shank, minimizing material stress when properly installed. Installation of the Plusnut® requires a long stroke installation tool, not offered by most Rivet nut manufacturers. The Bollhoff P2007PN Plusnut® tool offers the ideal installation using Pull to Force Technology to install the fastener properly with each squeeze of the trigger. Contact Perlane Sales for an in person or live video demonstration. Our 30+ year experienced staff will guide you thru Plusnut selection, testing, and installation.

Bollhoff Fastening also offers SFC fasteners. The Rivnut® SFC (Smart For Composite) fastener has been developed to insert a resistant thread in plastics and composite materials, without damaging it. The fundamental principle is a load distribution in the thread axis alignment without radial expansion stress in the hole of material. Soft, or brittle material are ideal applications for the Rivnut® SFC fastener. The Rivnut® SFC is ideal for applications with hole near the edge of material. The RIVNUT® SFC is available in several types and in steel and stainless steel. (youtube video is available)

For applications requiring high spin-out resistance in SMC, Sherex Fastening Solutions is developing the Optisert, with engineered wedge/rib to bite into material and provide superior spin-out performance.

Today, there are many options to provide fastening in non-weldable materials. Historically, mechanical fastening has become the most common. But have you considered Bonding? Today, there are many available options to provide a strong stud plate, or nut plate in plastic, metals, and glass substrates.

The Bollhoff Onsert® has been developed for lightweight structures in the aerospace industry, or for the mounting of cover panels in the automotive sector. The Onsert® provides adhesive bonding when welding, is not an option due to material distortion, or coatings. The Onsert® fastening element is a socket made of transparent plastics that is bonded to component using light-curing adhesive. The most important aspects are the short cycle times, the material-friendly process and the flexibility of the fasteners.

Need assistance with finding the right solution for your problem? Reach out! We are known for our problem solving and would be happy to help you.

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